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Setup Builder Version 6.07.006

Product Details

Manufacturer: GPP Software
Product Code: 001
Product Title: Setup Builder
Download File:
sb607x.exe (1738432 bytes)

Stock Details

Price: AUD $184.00
Shipping: AUD $10.00


Recent Updates/Changes

Windows 8 enhancements added

Product Description

Setup Builder Support Forum  

Setup Builder is one of the longest established installation products available and has long since been the benchmark by which software installers are measured.

Setup Builder is widely recognised as one of the original software installers which others have unsuccessfully tried to copy.

Setup Builder is widely used by thousands of developers every day to deliver software products across the globe to millions of users.

With its solid technology base, Setup Builder is continually updated to ensure that you can create the most robust, complex and up-to-date installation procedures possible.

Setup Builder Product

Distributing a software product is on of the most complicated and integrated components of a software development project and must be got right!

Whether you need a simple install or a highly complex, multi-platform, multi-lingual installation, Setup Builder provides the tools to quickly and easily create installation packages.
Setup Builder takes care of all the complexities of software installation, including operating system variations.

Setup Builder is highly configurable, providing highly flexible installation packages with high levels of automation.

Setup Builder is ready for Windows 7 and 8 are you ?

Your installation package is the first impression a customer will receive of your product. If your installation is too complicated, doesn't work or is incompatible with a particular version of Windows, your customers will choose competitor products.

Setup Builder hides all the complexities to create highly flexible and easy to use installation packages which look great, meaning that you can focus on your business instead of unnecessary technical issues.

Setup Builder - the most powerful installer solution available!

Are you still fighting with the Microsoft or other Installers ?

Unlike other products, Setup Builder has been designed to deliver the perfect blend of ease of use, multi-platform deployments, installation authoring, comfiguration management and scripting technologies.

Simply click on the files you want, customise the properties, set the screens you want to display and click 'Build' to build your installation procedure.


Multi-Platform Support - Setup Builder supports all versions of Windows from Windows 95 through Windows 7 and 8, 32 and 64 bit and is 'UAC friendly'.

Powerful Scripting - Using Setup Script enables virtually every requirement of an installation to be handled - no point and click scripting that only lets you do what the product is limited to.

Fast Installer Engine - Ensures fast installations which leave no 'footprint' upon completion.

Partial Installations - Enables applications to be updated and selected parts to be installed with no need to re-install

Excellent Value - Royalty free distribution of an unlimited number of copies to an unlimited number of users.

Trusted by Professionals - Thousands of developers from small to major corporations all over the World trust Setup Builder to deliver great-looking, advanced and reliable installations.

10 Reasons why Setup Builder creates the Industry's best installations

1. Highly Functional - Setup Builder provides an outstanding combination of functionality and ease of use at an affordable price. GPP Software is dedicated to providing 'best of bread' tools for developers.

2. Managing Complexity - Setup Builder manages the right balance between power, complexity, functionality, ease of use and automation.

3. Customer Satisfaction - Setup Builder customers respect Setup Builder for its ability to build installation packages quickly and easily which allow them to reliably install their software.

4. Comprehensive - Setup Builder lets you do what you want, when you want, how you want - no fuss, no worries.

5. Customisable - Setup Builder is highly customisable, enabling complex installation packages to be created. Gone are the days when a simple setup where attributes couldn't be changed sufficed.

6. Flexible - Setup Builder makes is simpler than ever to create professional script-based installation packages in minutes instead of hours without having to write any code or get involved with compilers and third-party products. If you want to override default functionality, Setup Builder gives you the option to write script if you want at every stage of an installation.
Setup Builder is not restricted to any one development tool so you can use it with any development tool you may choose.

7. Fast and Efficient - Does your current installation tool require a lot of runtime overhead or rely on third-party products or runtimes ?
Setup Builder has a small, fast and efficient runtime which is completely self-contained and doesn't require the user to use C/C++, .DLL's or Visual Basic to create installation packages.

8. Save Time and Money - Quickly and easily create installation packages without writing any code. Other products require you to write scripts or compile code, wasting valuable time learning a new tool. Setup Builder gives you everything you need without the complexity, saving you time and money and thereby maximising your return on investment (ROI).

9. Through-life Support and Backwards Compatibility - Setup Builder is constantly updated with the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that your future requirements will always be met - Setup Builder includes automatic notifications of updates.
Setup Builder maintains backwards compatibility to ensure that old installations remain compatible.

10. Value for Money - Ease of use, flexibility, ability to handle complex installations, latest trends and technologies, contsantly supported and updated all at an affordable price makes Setup Builder the best installation authoring product on the market.

Setup Builder Application Features

  • Setup projects to which files can be added/removed
  • Automatic splitting of files across media (including compressed files)
  • Automatic creation of install script code
  • Automatic creation of reliable de-installation procedure that doesn't go removing files it shouldn't!
  • Ability for user to place 'user-defined' code in install procedure if required
  • Windows hosted IDE
  • All files can have attributes set: target location, overwrite/version checks, in use checks, file compression etc
  • Ability to create program icons and folders
  • Ability to create short cuts
  • Up to 2048 files in an installation (Professional Edition)
  • Optional encryption of install scripts (so that users can't change them)
  • Context sensitive, comprehensive Help file
  • Network locking on project files
  • Visual Basic .VBP project import facility (VB4 (32 bit only), 5 and 6) which also reads .DEP files
  • 3rd party product import facility eg VB run-time, Access etc (Configurable)
  • Ability to change text on all dialogs used in an installation (also allows different languages - defaults to English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch or Portuguese)
  • Can build single language or multi-language automatic installations (appropriate language is displayed at install time according to the machine configuration) Don't pay for extra add-on modules when Setup Builder comes as standard with automatic multiple language support!
  • Optional installation of components at install-time
  • Optional installation of files according to the running operating system
  • Capable of creating installs that can be run from diskette, hard disk or CD ROM (with optional AutoPlay)
  • Can install ODBC drivers and configure ODBC data sources
  • Can install and remove Windows Services
  • Installations don't have to be created under the operating system that they are targeted for
  • Creates SFX's - Self Extracting Single File Installations
  • Ability to run self extracting files in an installation
  • Ability to run files after installation
  • Option to create installation logs
  • Automatically creates installations that can be run in silent mode for remote installations using Microsoft SMS - run using SETUP.EXE /s Memory dependency check
  • Full dependency checking using Visual Basic dependency files (if available) and any .DEP files on your system
  • Command line interface for building projects

Script Interpreter Supported Features

  • Script language supporting if-then-else-endif, while-wend and goto statements, string and numeric variables
  • Windows extensions - pre-defined dialogs (user definable text), message boxes, creation of program manager/desktop icons/folders and ability to delete them
  • User defined objects - Backdrops, dialogs and cue cards (bill boards)
  • Comprehensive Setup Script Help file
  • String and numeric manipulation (left, right, mid, +, -, *, /)
  • Copying of files
  • Optional progress gauge during copying
  • Date and time functions (system and file)
  • Folder management - create/delete/renaming, disk space and file, presence/overwrite/version checks
  • ASCII file reading/writing/appending
  • Windows .INI file management
  • Full Windows Registry support
  • File management - create/delete/renaming/copying/date & time setting, reading and writing of ASCII files
  • Nested script files (includes) - call a script from another script
  • External calls to run other Windows applications
  • Shared file registry (stops un-installing of files shared by multiple applications). Uses proper Windows shared file registry
  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese language support on dialogs
  • Long file name support
  • OLE Control registration including .EXE, .REG, .OCX, .DLL and .TLB files
  • Font installation
  • Setup/remove file associations
  • Sound playing (.WAV files) during installs
  • Retrieve file version numbers
  • Uses operating system facilities to properly replace in-use system files and reboot the system
  • Installs and removes Windows Services


Setup Builder review - 24th May 2007

See Setup Builder in use

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