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SSI Model Railway Control System Version 4.01.001

Product Details

Manufacturer: GPP Software
Product Code: 018
Product Title: SSI Model Railway Control System
Download File:
ssi401.exe (5624673 bytes)

Stock Details

Price: AUD $85.00
Shipping: AUD $10.00


Recent Updates/Changes

Automatic Train Driving (ATD), Script Wizard and new NCE driver added.

Product Description

SSI Support Forum  

SSI Banner

Welcome to the home of the SSI Model Railway Control System family of products, the closest experience you will get to real railway control systems on your model railway.

SSI is developed by professional permanent way, signalling and computer engineers. SSI runs under all current versions of Microsoft windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, 32-bit abd 64-but versions.

Many modellers choose SSI because it meets their needs of:
  • Highly reallistic level of layout control
  • Looks and operates like real IECC (Integrated Electronic Control Centre) systems, commonly used across the UK and the World
  • Full control of turnouts and signalling
  • Full interlocking support which is highly configurable
  • Full Entry/Exit (NX) functionality
  • Simplifies layout wiring and reduces wiring costs
  • Simple and Easy control of a layout
Download a free fully functional 30-day trial version.

Designer Sample Screen
Click image for larger view
Operator Sample Screen
Click image for larger view

Features In Focus

Automatic Train Driving

SSI Automatic Train Driving (ATD) lets the SSI software to drive your trains for you! Record train movements (routes) on your layout then set your signalling routes and SSI will select and play back the matching recording.
ATD is fully integrated with the SSI route setting system and can be used with or without track circuits.

See YouTube videos of ATD in action:
Bachmann Class 47 (Part 1)
Bachmann Class 47 (Part 2)
Hornby West Country (Part 1)
Hornby West Country (Part 2)

Route Setting

Route setting is supported in all modes. When operated as an IECC system, SSI implements full Entry/Exit routing and complies with BR Railtrack/IECC mouse operation specifications. Signal operations staff of real railways will feel right at home with SSI!
The route setting system is fully integrated with the interlocking system so that routes can only be set if the interlocking system allows.


SSI supports advanced interlocking technology which enables you to configure prototypical locking of signalling, turnouts and track circuits. SSI does not limit the number of devices which can be interlocked or the logic used to interlock them because like prototype interlocking systems, it uses a purpose-built scripting language to enable total flexibility. (Example turnout interlock script)


SSI supports an advanced timetable system which can operate according to a real-time clock or a 'fast' clock. Events can be configured to set routes, activate layout devices, play sounds such as station announcements and signal box bell sequence codes.
The timetable system is fully integrated with the interlocking system so that routes can only be set if the interlocking system allows.
With SSI you no longer need to worry about manual timetable systems ever again!

Hardware Support

SSI is supplied with drivers for the following systems:

Hornby Elite DCC system
Lenz XPressnet DCC system (LZV100 - Set 90 & 100)
Littfinski LDT s88 system (including RFID)
MERG CBUS system
MERG RPC system
NCE DCC system

SSI can also be used for control panel modelling demonstrations and simulations where it requires no hardware.

Complete Configurability

SSI is highly configurable with its many optional features. While it offers extensive functionality, it is completely up to the operator how much of the functionality is configured for use in the software. SSI provides the flexibility of letting you choose your method of layout operation.
SSI can work with Conventional DC or DCC layouts with suitable hardware systems. Trains can be 'driven' using on-screen throttles (DCC only).
The use of interlocking is completely optional. As a minimum, it requires turnouts to be electrically operated by the computer/SSI with dummy signals on screen. When fully implemented, interlocking can involve as many signals and track circuits as required.
SSI can work with layouts which are fully signalled or have no signalling at all, but of course, it will give its most reallistic results on signalled layouts.

SSI Version 4.01 Now Available

SSI Version 4.01 is the latest version and provides all of the features of previous versions and adds the following new features:
  • Automated Train Driving (ATD)
  • Interlocking Script Wizard
  • New NCE driver
  • Internal bug fixes

Free Fully Functional Trial Version

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