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CMS CRM (5 User) Version 3.07.000

Product Details

Manufacturer: GPP Software
Product Code: 024
Product Title: CMS CRM (5 User)
Download File:
CmsCrm307.exe (2558311 bytes)

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Price: AUD $345.00
Shipping: AUD $10.00


Recent Updates/Changes

Updates for Windows Vista and Windows 7 Compatibility.

Product Description

In today's highly competitive business world, providing effective customer relationship management (CRM) and excellence in customer service is every business manager's key objective for success. Business managers know that quality customer care is essential if they are to achieve revenue growth by attracting new customers and retaining existing customers.
The challenge for smaller organisations is that they know that large organisations are investing heavily in top-end CRM information technologies to enhance the quality of their customer service, but there are no suitable or affordable solutions for smaller organisations.
Choosing a CRM solution for smaller organisations has always been difficult and this is why business managers are turning to CMS CRM - the most powerful, flexible and easy-to-use CRM system in its class.

CMS CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed to help organisations effectively manage their customer base.

CMS CRM enables a customer-centric focus to be implemented within your business to maximise relationships with customers and increase business profitability through customer loyalty and marketing/sales opportunities.

CMS CRM delivers the features and facilities found in 'top-end' CRM systems which cost thousands or even millions of dollars. CMS CRM systems can be implemented on existing hardware and operating systems, providing a strategy which reduces sales and marketing costs, drives revenue growth and increases customer satisfaction - and it comes at a fraction of the cost or the top-end products.
CMS CRM uses standard Microsoft database connectivity technologies (ODBC), rather than proprietary systems, which means that it is scaleable from the standard MS Access database support to MS SQL Server (tools and documentation to do this are provided as standard) and it is easy to integrate with your existing systems.

CMS CRM is a ready-made solution, developed using our CMS Database Application Software. The addon 'CMS Development Kit' enables the entire CMS CRM software to be completely tailored and reconfigured including all screens, reports, menu, user access, tables, indexes etc

Key CMS Features

  • Quick and easy to use user interface
  • Enables you to quickly, easily and cost effectively manage your customer base
  • Stores information about customers, contacts, products, accounts, sales, projects etc
  • Documents feature enables documents to be attached to most records in the system
  • Unlimited number of notes can be attached to each item
  • Diary system so that you can diarise and be pro-active with customer meetings/contacts
  • its data into 'My data', 'My Teams data' and 'All data' - enables CMS to be used in a corporate/team environment where data viewing is to be controlled within a team or by individual user
  • Full searching, filtering abilities
  • Reporting facilities
  • Data Import and Export facilities
  • Data Integration Features using Data Exchange
  • Comprehensive on-line help
  • Leverages your IT return on investment (ROI)

Key CMS Technical Features

  • Developed using our CMS database application software - full 32-bit
  • plied to operate with the Microsoft Access database engine, but can be configured (no extra purchases necessary - all documentation, scripts supplied) to operate with Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.0 and 2000 - the latest technology that money can buy
  • Can be completely re-configured and tailored to the requirements of the customer using the add-on 'CMS Development Kit'
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