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LLIB Licencing Library Version 3.04

Product Details

Manufacturer: GPP Software
Product Code: 005
Product Title: LLIB Licencing Library
Download File:
LLIB304.exe (2835007 bytes)

Stock Details

Price: AUD $230.00
Shipping: AUD $10.00


Recent Updates/Changes

Various enhancements added, new API's added and new samples

Product Description

Are you concerned about your software products being copied, pirated or used illegally ?

If your answer to this question is 'yes' then you need LLIB to securely protect your investment in your software products.

LLIB is an addon library which is designed to be tightly integrated into your applications to provide numerous licensing authentication, validation and control functions.
LLIB is a powerful, flexible software licensing system which protects your applications and allows remote software license activation. You can unlock demos into retail versions, protect single and multi-user applications, rent/lease software, implement pay-per-use licenses, control the avilability of features in your software and lots more!

LLIB Licensing Library Overview

LLIB is a powerful, flexible software licensing toolkit that allows you to protect your applications while remotely managing customer access. It gives you everything you need to secure your existing distribution channels and create new ones. LLIB's flexibity and powerful features allow you to do all of the following and more:
  • Create demos, rentals and pay-per-use applications
  • Activate software remotely via phone, fax, e-mail, or the Internet
  • Extend a demo, rental, or lease for an additional period of time
  • Terminate rental or lease applications that are not paid (eg fraudulent credit card) - via time limited licenses which can also be used to protect 30-day money-back guarantees
  • Individually control up to 32 different features in an application based on a license
  • Convert an application from single-user mode to multi-user mode
  • Control the number of concurrent users of your application - per seat licensing
  • Convert from a "lite" version to a professional version
  • Enforce License Compliance
  • Lock an application to run on a specific computer or network server
  • Automatically identify an illegal copy and disable it
  • Remotely control licensing via http links (software can 'call home' to find its license number)
  • Encode user/company name
  • Tie a license to an individual version of your software

Other Features
  • Detects clock backdating (disables your software) or demo reinstallation to gain additional usage
  • Fully encrypted license files with CRC checking
  • Personalise and/or serialise without recompiling
  • Extremely flexible programming interface means applications limited only by your imagination
  • Supplied as .DLL files for 32-bit applications
  • Supplied as a COM component to enable integration to web sites for online registrations (ASP sample supplied)
  • Small, self contained .DLL requiring no third party products
  • Simple installation - no difficult OLE configuration/registration required
  • Can be used from any development tool (eg C/C++, VB, .NET etc) which supports Windows DLL's
  • Comprehensive help file including detailed API documentation
  • Comprehensive examples in C/C++, VB and C# .NET demonstrating many of the facilities available
  • No royalties on distribution
  • Licensing system supports unregistered licenses, time limited licenses, run limited licenses and full registrations
  • Licenses support product numbers
  • Licenses support registration numbers (number of the product sold)
  • Licenses support concurrent users so that the library can control the number of concurrent users using a piece of software based on the license number (allows licenses to be charged on concurrent user basis in network software)
  • Various API functions available to query the license number and enable limiting of features in software based on the license
  • Protected license files to prevent tampering
  • Special encoded license numbering system to prevent 'any-old' number being entered
  • 'User Pack' Licenses - the ability to add extra license numbers to a license file to increase the number of concurrent users allowed and apply up to 32 individual feature controls. You can sell 'User Packs' to your customers as a separate product
  • Full backward compatibility with older versions of the product: this version will read and write all older file formats
  • New License Administrator which supports 'User Pack' licenses
  • New License Manager/Calculator which supports 'User Pack' licenses
  • New sample programs in MSVC 2008, VB6 and C# .NET 3.5. These also demonstrate 'User Packs' and 'License Variables'.
  • New features supported by our Setup Builder Installer product to enable easy installation of your application

Proven Products

LLIB was first developed in 1993 and was introduced in 1997 as a commercially available product when it was one of the first licensing control products available. It has evolved over many years since then.

GPP Software is a leader in providing proprietary security and control. Whether you want to protect your software from pirates, generate revenue from software leasing or convert demos into fully functional versions, LLIB is the tool that will meet your needs. LLIB will be the most valuable addon in your development toolkit and will be the only one that literally pays for itself. Invest in the future of your applications and see for yourself how quickly LLIB pays off in increased sales, greater control and peace of mind.
  • Protect your investments
  • Guarantee payments
  • Prevent software theft
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