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Signalling is the process used on real railways of providing mechanical arms or colour light indications to drivers to instruct them whether to proceed, slow down or stop. The purpose of signalling is to control trains to prevent collisions. More advanced signalling systems indicate the route through a layout which a train will take and some systems will even override the control of a train and actually stop a train if a Signal is Passed At Danger (SPAD).

The SSI Model Railway Control System is the only Layout Control Software available which implements comprehensive support for signalling. Other products mostly don't support it, claiming that only two states are available.

SSI implements a comprehensive signalling mechanism which can control semaphore (2 state) signals and Multiple Aspect Signals (MAS) with 2, 3 or 4 aspects including route indicators. SSI signal control can control multiple aspect signals using direct addressing of individual lights (4 bit/wires, 4 aspect) or multiplexed addressing (2 bit/wire, 4 aspect).

The SSI signalling system is fully integrated with the interlocking system, unlike other products which mostly don't even have an interlocking system.

With SSI you have the benefit that the software is backup up with the knowledge of having been developed by professional permanent way, signalling and computer engineers with practical experience of real railway signalling. This is not available with other any Model Railway Layout Control Software products!

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