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All of our products can be purchased online using our secure shopping cart. At the bottom over every product information page, you will find an 'Add to Cart' button. Enter the number of copies of the product you wish to purchase and click 'Add to Cart'. When you have added all the products you require to the shopping cart, click 'Checkout' in the left margin. You will then be required to enter your payment and delivery details.
Please ensure that you supply your 'MachineId'. This number is displayed in the caption bar of the 'Shareware' dialog which appears when our applications start.
Credit card processing is SSL secure and validation is 'live' and will be charged in US dollars.


Please print off the appropriate order form 'Australian Order Form' or 'UK Order Form' and complete the details. Cheques must be made out to GPP Software either in Australian Dollars and drawn on an Australian bank (please post to Australian address) or in UK Pounds Sterling made out to G.Plowman and drawn on a British bank (please post to UK address).
We can accept US Dollar cheques drawn on US banks, however, because our bank charges us US $7.00 for this service, we must request that you add this to the total amount of your order. If the US$ 7.00 charge is omitted, we will have to contact you for it and this will delay processing of your order.
Please do not send cheques drawn on your own local bank if you are not in Australia, England or the USA: we are charged currency conversions by our bank. To cover this cost we have to contact you for this extra charge which will delay the processing of your order.

Bankers Drafts

Please print off the appropriate order form 'Australian Order Form' or 'UK Order Form' and complete the details.
Bankers drafts must be made out to GPP Software either in Australian Dollars and drawn on an Australian bank or in UK Pounds Sterling made out to G.Plowman and drawn on a British bank.

Credit Cards

Please print off the 'Australian Order Form' and complete it including the credit card details. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Bankcard.
The completed form must be sent to our Australian address. This can be done by post or by fax (address and fax number at the top of this page).

NOTE: Credit card orders are always charged in Australian dollars. The bank performs the currency conversion and charges you the Australian Dollar value converted to your currency, so you don't need to worry about conversion. Please do not complete the order form in your local currency because we will only use the current Australian Dollar price. It is not possible for us to bill in your local currency if you are outside Australia. This is partly because we would end up paying the currency conversion charges instead of you and also because credit card companies do not operate this way and cannot provide this service.
Whether received by post or fax, credit card payments are subject to the standard postage charges above because we will send your credit card receipt and media containing the software.

Electronic Funds Transfer via your bank

Please print off the 'Australian Order Form', complete it, then fax it to us. Please ensure that electronic funds transfers are made in Australian dollars. We cannot accept any other currencies. Because our bank makes a $12 Australian charge for this service, we have to request that you add this extra $12 to the amount of money you transfer for payment. This is in addition to our standard postage and handling charges.
Please advise us in advance if you wish to make a payment via electronic transfer so that we can advise you of our bank account details.

Machine Ids

Many GPP Software products now 'lock' a license number to a single machine. When ordering your software, please advise us of the machine id on which you wish to run the software. Every machine has a unique Id, so if you wish to use the software on multiple machines, you must purchase multiple licenses and supply us with multiple machine Ids.
Your machine Id can be found by running the License Administrator program for any GPP Software product you have and pressing the 'Info' button.
When ordering by SoftShop or RegNet, please advise us of your machine Id. If the software you have ordered requires a machine Id and you have not supplied the number to us, we will contact you (normally e-mail) for it anyway.

License Numbers

When customers purchase our software, we will supply a unique license number for each product purchased and a License Administrator application to enable the license number(s) to be entered.
Please note that the License Administrator is not the same software as our LLLIB product and we only supply it to customers who have or are purchasing copies of our software.

Postage/Shipping/Handling Charges

These are only applicable to orders where media is to be mailed. We do not normally send out media to customers who register 'online' as we send them the software and a license number via E-Mail, however, all orders by post or fax will receive media containing the latest version of the software.
Due to the commissions that both Softshop and RegNet charge us, we do charge 'shipping' when orders are made through these registration services. The actual charge is listed in the 'US$ Shipping' column at the top if this page and has been configured in the on-line registration pages of each product.


Software will be supplied on CD-ROM. Customers who register 'online' can download the latest version if they do not wish to receive a CD-ROM.
Please do not adjust our order forms to include other media types - if it isn't listed, it means we don't do it!

General Policy

If you register via E-Mail or a software registration service, you will receive an acknowledgement E-Mail advising of your license number and information on the latest versions and the support available.
All registrations receive unlimited time usage of the software, free technical support and notifications of upgrades.
Payment must be made in full before goods are delivered. Registrations cannot be made over the phone with payment to follow.


Every GPP Software product has a version number which is made up of a major and minor version number eg 2.01 where 2 is the major number and .01 is the minor number.
Upgrades are free of charge when upgrading between minor version numbers for example, from 2.01 to 2.05, but an upgrade charge is payable when upgrading between major version numbers, for example, 2.05 to 3.00. An upgrade charge is half the current full price for a given product.
We advise our customers to check our web site on a regular basis and download the latest versions of our software.
If you register by post and you have an E-Mail address, please advise us of your E-Mail address to enable easier and quicker advice of upgrades and new versions.
To obtain an upgrade license number, you must quote your existing license number.
Now that GPP Software products 'lock' themselves to a single machine, you must also supply us with your machine Id when registering for an upgrade. Your machine Id can be found by running the License Administrator program for any GPP Software product you have.


Licenses are NOT transferable and are only valid for the individual and/or company name in which the software was registered.
If the software is registered in a company name then the license belongs to that company, not the individual. If the individual changes employment to another company, they cannot take the license with them and have the company name changed on their registration. A new license must be purchased to use the software in another company because the license numbers are company specific.
The exemption from this is contractors and consultants who register the software under their company name. They may use the software in their line of business with any client company with whom they are employed, but they must not pass any license numbers to the client company. If the client company wishes to use the software, it must purchase its own licenses.


Our software has been tested to run on all current 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, however, now that Microsoft no longer supports Windows 95, 98 and ME, we are unable to obtain fixes for these operating systems and are therefore no longer able to support our software on these systems.
We make every attempt to ensure that our software will run on all versions of Microsoft Windows, but cannot accept any responsibility for failures under operating systems which we have not tested with or no longer support.

It is a condition of registration that you accept that you have fully tried and tested our software and found that it meets your requirements to your satisfaction. Please note that once a license number has been given, no refund will be possible.

Prices are correct as at 7th April 2007. We reserve the right to change prices and specifications without notice. This price list is valid for a maximum of 3 months from that date and supercedes all earlier price lists. Please contact GPP Software for the current prices before you mail order your software. Softshop and RegNet prices are always up to date. All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. E.& O.E.

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